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for People / pi:pəl/:
Our workshops and classes are open to anyone with a desire to find more creativity and authenticity in their lives.
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Our spaces and experiences break out of daily codes of behavior and physical habits. We explore the anatomy of our body, to discover plasticity and freedom in movement. We encounter nature and each other, and venture into the rich terrain of the imagination. We invite you to manifest yourself artistically and performatively in a safe, non-judgmental and creative space.

Recommended Workshops for People

No upcoming events at the moment
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"The group becomes one living entity, synchronicities happen. It’s an intense and even transformative experience of pure pleasure though movement and attunement to the others; the vital forces take over. Matej Matejka is excellent, a daring and resourceful artist of profound sensibility, with great passion and care for the work he’s doing.” 

-Diana Serbanescu, Technische Universität Berlin (TU)

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