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The way we see it: the first site of creativity is in the body.

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In the mire of this modern world, we sometimes struggle to reconnect with the integrity of our body and soul.

We want to invite you to observe the contradictions that surround us in the world, and to discover the power of embracing opposites. Our experiences strip you bare to re-meet yourself, and to discover your artistic potential and personal voice. We create spaces where you can safely encounter experience that trigger creation and originality—that will transform your person and your actions. 


We want to use the artist’s process to transform people, communities and societies. We are artists who create space for free movements that go beyond our daily routine, we invite people to observe themselves and the world around them more closely.

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Everything that happens to us is stored and reflected in our body. Through movement, we tell the stories of our lives. The impulses that flow through our movements are beats of creation—each is an invitation to the heart and the imagination to step into the unknown.

Divine Dance is the expansion of the work that was begun by Studio Matejka—


a physical theatre laboratory that seeks to research physical expression and the communion between the actor and the audience. Throughout a decade of work under the leadership of its founder Matej Matejka, Studio Matejka focused on the exploration of borders: borders between performer and audience, between genres, between theatre and film, and between individual expression and collective resonance.

Studio Matejka has worked internationally, creating performances and workshops all over the world, including India, South Korea, Canada, USA, South America, Scandinavia and Switzerland among others. Now with Divine Dance, we wrestle with the wider question of how the imaginative crosses over and manifests in the real world.


The Team

Matej Matejka is a multi award-winning Slovak theatre researcher, actor, director, and teacher of movement. In Poland, since 2006, he has been associated with Teatr ZAR and the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław. He has worked over 15,000 hours of workshops with various groups and artists across 5 continents and 28 countries. He has conducted masterclasses and seminars all over the world, in India, China, South Korea, Canada, USA, South America, Scandinavia and Switzerland among others. He participated in several theatrical expeditions to Mount Athos, Sardinia, Corsica, Morocco, Georgia, Egypt, and India. In 2013, his short film "Pearadise" was awarded Best Short Film at the Underground Film Festival in Los Angeles. Since 2020, he plays one of the lead roles in the Polish television series "Na dobre i na zle".

Elisabeth Gunawan is a Chinese Indonesian actor, theatremaker and physical performer based in London and Singaore. She is an associate artist of several cutting-edge physical theatre companies including the David Glass Ensemble, Flabbergast Theatre and Created a Monster. She has studied with many pioneers and award-winning directors including David Glass, Madeline Sayet and the late Mary Overlie.

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